Best Way To Fix WordPress 404 Error Other Than Home Page

This guide will help you if you have seen the wordpress 404 error except for the home page.

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    Sometimes your WordPress websites are throwing 404 “Paper not found” error except on their main page. In such a situation, you can follow the steps below to resolve the specific issue. Change the settings to support the previous configuration (which was selected once before the default setting). Reset the custom structure if you purchased it.

  • I just migrated my website from my old GoDaddy hosting system to the new one and now only the home page is working. All other pages give a “404 file not found” error. Many of us have absolutely no idea how to fix this… I followed GoDaddy’s website migration instructions 100%, so I don’t know what the problem is. is an!

    I would appreciate any solution, especially simple, very non-technical solutions. 🙂 (i.e. “dummy version”!)

    Thank you in advance.

    Page I need help with: To [login, see link y]

  • wordpress 404 error except homepage

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    It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on, but try “Permalink Settings” > and hover over the “Save” button. I

    wordpress 404 error except homepage

    Let me get to know 🙂

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    Hello @jframst

    This is a common problem. All you have to do is save and set up the permalink by clicking the “Save Settings” button.

    How do I fix Error 404 on WordPress?

    Step 1: Reset WordPress Permalinks The first step that will help you is to reset the permalinks.Step 2: Create a ..htaccess file.Step 3: Disable all your WordPress themes and plugins.Think about it: you’re setting up a 301 redirect, which is required for content that has been moved or renamed.

    This might work. No

    Persistent links work for me for.Eu

    I have that basic problem, saving permalinks never worked…

    How do I redirect a 404 page to my homepage in WordPress?

    In Tools > Redirect > Add New Redirect. fieldIn the source URL, enter or paste the broken/old/changed URL.In the URL destination field, enter the breed of the dog, or paste in a new URL.Select the referrer location and url from the dropdown list.Select Redirect to in action pane url.

    But when I changed the default permalinks, then saved the software, changed them, and then reverted back to this custom structure, it worked! What

    I hope this helps a loved one 🙂


    When you work on pages posts in WordPress but your work don’t get saved showing 404 error?

    Go to Settings » Permalinks and just click the Save Changes button. It also updates your permalink settings and removes rewrite rules. In most cases, the Skill Solution fixes the WordPress 404 error. section


    Thanks for sharing 🙒s solution,

    I tried to change the permalinks without success. I tried

    also add the entire htaccess file:

    #START WordPress

    RewriteEngine /
    RewriteRewrite base ^index.– php$ [L]
    Rewrite condition!-f
    RewriteCond %REQUEST_FILENAME %request_filename !-d
    rewrite rule. /index.php [L]

    # Log out of WordPress

    Still no autosuccess, creating a new page throws a 404 error????

    Any help is appreciated.



    Could your needs open a new question for a question as well?

    Please contact your vendor’s support team to see if they fix the problem first. Received

    I’m having the same problem, I think the problem is with the dominant .htaccess file

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