Easy Way To Fix Vxvm Vxdg Error Import Issues

Sometimes your system may show a vxvm vxdg import failure message. There can be several reasons for this error to appear.

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    VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-587 Disk Group Community Name: Import Error: Disk is in use by another host The following logo indicates that the disk group does not contain valid disks. This is (no, they don’t have nearly all disks): VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-587 volume group name: import failed: No real volume found containing volume group

    Org/creativework Failed”>

    In this type of article, we investigate if importing a volume group without valid array copies fails, trying to make sure you are importing a single volume group into Veritas. Let’s see how you can restore and import the disk community in the current scenario. An example of a container is given

    Below is the version with the exact error.

    # vxdg -Cf means VxVM ERROR vxdg V-5-1-10978 Importdiskgroup dg: failed:No valid log copy on internal disk group

    How To Solve The Disk Cluster Import Problem

    The above is due to the fact that the UDID is updated at the time and when the disk group contains both cloned and non-cloned disks.

    To find disks all mismatched, run udid with the following commands. Vxdisk

    # -q list | Revert -f1 to -d' ' | -i xargs vxdisk -v list | egrep '^device|^disk:|^udid:|udid_asl' | sed/^udid: | //'zed 's/.udid_asl=//' | – with

    How To Uniq To Update Disk Udid In VxVM

    Now you need to update the udid on all drives obtained in the step above.

    #vxdisk updateudid UDID

    After the update, the disks will be categorized as cloned tags, but in fact it may not be one real cloned disk. we therefore have to disable cloning with the following command for “Hard”. Customize

    How To Clone Tags In VxVM

    # vxdisk set  clone=off 

    A real import is now pending. You can purchase pre-imports and demographics with the following command.

    How To Make DG Meaningful VxVM

    # in vxdg -Cf importt 


    This disk in the group is not valid, which means that configuration copies failed to import disks for the group.