Troubleshooting And Fixing Automation Error Vb6 Classfactory Cannot Provide The Requested Class

You may be facing an error that the vb6 automation error class factory cannot provide the requested class. Coincidentally, there are several ways to solve this problem, which we’ll talk about now.

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    Author message

    Published: Visual Basic General, Unrequested Class Factory Supply, class Up

    Operating system version: XP windows Home
    Problem application name and version: Visual Basic .Net 2003
    Error messages: “ClassFactory simply cannot provide the requested class “file

    I installed everything without error and when my husband and I wanted to start a new makeover, I got the above error… I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled a few times and may have used different installation discs and still get the same mistake. .. please help me!

    vb6 automation error classfactory cannot supply requested class

    Visual Basic13 BUT


    Released: Visual Basic General, classfactory cannott provide the requested class Up


    You may have an older version of Windows Script installed. Can you make sure you downloaded the latest Windows Von Script from url=/downloads/list/webdev.asp?




    Published: Basic visual, background, Classfactory lesson cannot be queried Up

    I got the above error message when I tried to uninstall the old printer driver “ClassFactory supply may request a class”.

    vb6 automation error classfactory cannot supply requested class

    I downloaded the latest Windows script for XP and installed it, but the error message still persists. It doesn’t matter if I try to uninstall the printer driver or uninstall it through someone else’s list in Add/Remove Programs. I also tried uninstalling generic drivers in safe mode the same way but skillfully got the same results. All othersOffers

    What exactly does this reference to “ClassFactory” mean?

    no errors

    Issued: Visual Basic General, classfactory cannot provide requested class Up

    You have come up with some good ideas for solving this problem. It looks like you are a Food of Hell DLL file. ClassFactory is something good in living ActiveX module. The program that uses the module asks the ClassFactory to create the object it should use. This may if work, the program is still waiting for the ActiveX module version 9 of the installed module to copy 1.

    The same for errors is reason enough for printers if this article is about an HP printer a. .I .think .their .current .program .and .computer .drivers .are written .using ..NET.

    The hard way to fix this is to use the .regmon utility from SysInternals. Start capturing them, grab them, run the model that gives out thishave an error. As soon as the error appears, go to Regmon and disable the capture. Now you look through the (large) list of traces and find the HKCRCLSID references. With some luck and a bit of elbow grease, you’ll find its value in procserver32, which is currently the ActiveX dll causing each of our problems.

    Good luck!


    Issued: Visual Basic General, classfactory cannot provide requested class Up

    Thanks for the clarification. By the way, this printer driver is new for Canon MP730, not for HP machine.

    Which version of Connected 2 with Active module X. Is there anything I can download to set it up

    Can you give me an example of a proper queue watch list that would illustrate what you are deleting via the “Inprocserver32” Active-X DLL value, which is constantly causing my problem, what and how in this paragraph will be done to fix this

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