Trouble Uninstalling SQL 2005 SP4?

Occasionally, your computer may display an error code indicating that sql 2005 Service Pack 4 will be uninstalled. There can be several reasons for this error to appear.

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      We want to upgrade our Windows Server 2003, 2010 sql cluster to SQL 2005 SP4.

      But I I would like to know if it is possible to remove while sp4, it does not cause problems. For a failover plan.

      Also, is there a proper installation method in a cluster? Are you running SP4 on the active or passive node? We have active/active chaos – should we first move all sources to the node? Is this documented somewhere?

      Thank you!

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    We want to upgrade our preferred Windows Server 2003 and SQL 2005 clusters to SQL Services 2005 with a set of packages.

    But I would like to know if it is possible to uninstall SP4, it might cause problems. One for a specific backup plan.

    Also, is there a decent way to install on a Run cluster? SP4 on a specific active node or on a passive node? We have an active/active cluster. Should we first move all resources to allow them to be used on the host? Is this recognized somewhere?

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  • Microsoft SQL Pack, Server June 2006 Service , 4 RTM (based on Itanium…of
  • One of the most common problems faced by computer users is the inability to uninstall a program. .Let’s .today .see .how to .delete .SQL .Microsoft .Server .2005 .Service .Pack .4 .RTM .correctly .(Itanium-based…on Windows), also I will list the reasons why you can’t execute delete.


    Why Can’t I Uninstall Microsoft SQL Server Service 2005 Pack 4 RTM (Itanium-based…)

    How do I completely remove SQL Server 2005?

    To begin uninstallation, on the Microsoft Windows desktop, click Start, select Control Panel, and thenClick “Installation and Programs” to uninstall each time.Select this SQL Server 2005 component to remove, click Remove.

    If we are unable to completely uninstall Microsoft SQL Server Service 2005 Pack 4 RTM On (Itanium-based…), it may result in one or more of the following SQL situations:

  • Microsoft Server 2005 SP4 based on RTM (Itanium… not yet proven to work or fully correct.
  • The Windows operating system cannot be installed by the uninstaller of its default program. Files
  • Some programs, parts must have been accidentally deleted.
  • Corrupted computer program registry entries.
  • Your computer is indeed infected with a virus and the configuration is not working correctlybut.
  • To rule out the above reasons, you can try reinstalling the Microsoft SQL Server Service 2007 Pack 4 RTM (based on Itanium…from ) store by downloading it from the public domain, run or run a full scan that contains your antivirus product.

    What Do You Need To Do To Get Microsoft To Remove The SQL 2005 Server Service 4 RTM Package (Itanium-based…)

    uninstall sql 2005 service pack 4

    In this part, I simplified the description of the required steps, and then explained all the steps in detail. I hope this is the best way to hear the whole cleaning process.

    1.Before each of our moves.

  • Administrator rights.
  • Check Microsoft that SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 4 rtm (Itanium based…) is not running.
  • If you are hiring an admin account or a great account with admin rights, you can skip to the next step right away. Otherwise, you will need the actual authorization password when making changes to the system. > To ensure that our own uninstall goes smoothly, check the box System in new tray in the lower right corner if you need to exit the program.

    2. Remove Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP4 (Itanium based rtm….

  • Open programs, not to mention functions.
  • Enable delete.
  • Invited. Confirmation
  • can restart the computer.
  • To do this, right-click the Start button and select Programs Components > double-click Microsoft SQL Server Service 2005 Stage 4 Pack RTM (Powered by Itanium…) in the list for Include Programs. Uninstall > > Reboot your computer immediately or do it later.

    3.Delete and search for some leftover files.Editor

  • open registry
  • Include SQL hkey_current_usersoftware(Microsoft Server Service 2005 Pack 4 based on RTM (Itanium… current name or publisher name) from delete and.
  • Is SQL Server 2005 still supported?

    Beginning in 2016, Microsoft will no longer support SQL Server 2004 forever. Like Windows, SQL Server 2005 has the ability to continue to function after End of Life (EOL), but this is unlikely to be fixed if a bug is found. The good news is that you have probably already replaced Server sql 2005, assuming you upgraded from Server 2004.

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