Tips To Fix Outlook Mail Error 0x800ccc78

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    It appears that some users have experienced the outlook error message 0x800ccc78. This problem can occur for many reasons. Now we will discuss them. 0x800ccc78 may also be referred to as outlook receive error, also send error. This occurs when you send mail or email messages to Outlook. You are not allowed to send e-mails, letters, you can receive incoming messages. This means that Outlook is not currently designed to authenticate when sending email from .


    How do I verify my email in account properties?

    Sign in from anywhere to control how you sign in to Microsoft. Verify buttonone is always next to all unverified aliases.Next to your email address, click Verify, then click Send Email.

    If you’re getting error 0x800CCC78 related to send/receive progress in Outlook, read on to troubleshoot the issue. Outlook send error usually 0x800ccc78 occurs when the SMTP server authentication is invalid and occurs due to the recipient’s own address being invalid.

    This FAQ section provides instructions on how to resolve the 0x800CCC78 send error reported by Outlook:

  • Unable to send own message. Confirm the email address via mail account properties. Shared Server Pollers: Access Denied or…

  • I can’t send a message. You verify the email address against your account properties. Server replies: Option 5555.5.4: not supported (unrecognized option smtputf8).

  • Fixederror : Outlook Send/receive At 0x800ccc78.

    Method 1. Check The Recipient’s Address.

    First, make sure the primary recipient’s email address is correct and does not contain any special or unknown characters. Better yet, delete the email address, enter it again, try it, and send me an email again. 0x800CCC78, if all send/receive errors persist, continue reading below.

    Method 2: Change The Authentication And SMTP Server Connection Settings.

    1. From the B menu, select “File Account” > “Account Settings”.

    2. Double-click this email account and select More settings.

    3. Click on the monthly outgoing mail server account and select My outgoing web server (SMTP) requires authentication with the checkbox marked Use the same settings as my incoming mail server mailbox.

    4. Now select the “Advanced” tab and enter port 587 for the SMTP server, also select automatic encryption or TLS. When you are done, click OK. Note: *

    * IfThe rt is displayed as 587, change it to and 465 encryption to SSL is already for you.

    How do I fix error 0x80042108?

    Solution #1: Restart Microsoft Outlook.Solution #2: Reinstall – Microsoft Office.Fix #3: Delete your email account and create a new one as a result.Solution #4 – Disable your antivirus programSolution #5: Uninstall Uninstall/antivirus.Fix 6 # – System Restore.Fix # – 7 Check the default gateway.Fix #8 – Repair corrupted system files.

    5. Finally, check the account settings, if the check was successful and therefore no errors, continue.

    Method 3: Restore The Outlook PST File. .You

    Why does my Outlook email keep saying error?

    Generally, a particular corrupted PST file is consideredI am the root cause of most common error messages about Outlook. While Microsoft provides an Inbox Repair tool to repair PST files, it may not work or be severely corrupted.

    Go .forward .and .restore the .OUTLOOK ..PST file by following the instructions linked to this article: How to recover Outlook data files.

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    outlook email error 0x800ccc78

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    Have you ever encountered a situation where your Outlook suddenly stops working and then you get the message “Outlook: 0x800ccc78 error sending email”? you have no idea how to do it? So don’t worrySince this is the most common error that most Outlook users encounter, this error does not affect individual incoming Outlook messages. The error is widespread in all editions of Outlook, ms such as Outlook 2003, a few years ago, 2010 and 2013. , 2016 g.

    outlook email error 0x800ccc78

    This error usually looks like an invalid input from the outgoing data server. But it can be seen that when this error occurs, most users restart Outlook twice without thinking about the reason.

    So, since I’m blogging, I’ll be discussing how the various methods to fix 0x800ccc78 are confusing in Outlook. But before we go any further, we need to first know the variables that are causing the error.causes

    What Is The Root Cause Of Outlook Error 0x800ccc78?

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    The reason for this error is that something unusual is happening even though the authentication emails have been sent.

    The Internet Service Provider, also known as the Internet Service Provider, is responsible for sending the provision or information. The ISP explains the meanings of all ports so that networks map them exactly in At the same time, so that the send/receive path can work without failures. The default port number in Outlook is 25 for e-mail transfers. So that buyers can ask when it will be released?

    Then in response, the provider truncates its port number and replaces the next one with something else. If this ISP port number is blocked and port 25587 is enabled, you will receive an Outlook error 0x800ccc78.

    Another reason is that if the “My outgoing server requires authentication (smtp)” special option is disabled, you can enable it if you don’t need it, you don’t have our permissions, you’re on a network email forwarder.

    Two different situations have been discussed in which Outlook error 0x800cc78 occurs. Now we need to explore different ways to connect to permission.

    Manual Methods For Fixing “Outlook Error 0x800ccc78 While Delivering Emails”

    Method – 1: Allow SMTP

    You may have “My outgoing server (SMTP) must have authentication” disabled. You can enable this option by doing the following: