Evolution Mail Win32 Fix Tips

In this guide, we’re going to highlight some of the possible causes that could cause the evolution of win32 mail, and then I’ll show you possible fixes that you can try to fix the problem.

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    gnome (formerly Novell Evolution and Ximian Evolution before Novell acquired Ximian in 2003) is the dedicated official personal information manager for GNOME. It is an official GNOME component since Evolution 2.0 was included in GNOME 2.8 Unharness in September 2004. [6] It combines email, address book, calendar, mailing list tasks, and notes. The user interface and therefore the functionality is similar to that of Microsoft Outlook. Evolution is free software licensed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).


    • Recovering email combined with POP and IMAP and therefore sending email using SMTP
    • Secure network access encrypted with SSL, TLS and STARTTLS
    • Email encryption with GPG and S / MIME
    • Mail Filter
    • Search Folder: Saved searches that include regular mail folders as a regular search for filtering and displaying queries.
    • Automatic spam filtering with SpamAssassin and Bogofilter
    • Ability to connect to Microsoft Exchange Server, Novell GroupWise and Kolab [8] (shipped in separate bundles as plug-ins)
    • Calendar supports the iCalendar file format, WebDAV and CalDAV standards, and Google Calendar.
    • Manage contacts as well as local address books, CardDAV, LDAP and therefore Google address books.
    • Synchronization via SyncML with SyncEvolution and with Palm OS gnome-pilot receivers.
    • Address of books that can be used, in particular, as a data source through LibreOffice.
    • User avatars downloaded from address assignment, X-Face email headers, hashed email addresses when searching face or wired using the Gravatar service
    • An RSS reader plug-in.
    • Newsletter client.
    • Import from Microsoft Outlook microfiche (dbx, pst) and Berkley mailbox.

    The Novell GroupWise plug-in is no longer under development. [10] The Scalix plugin [11] is also for sale, but development is complete. 2009 [12]

    Evolution Data Server

    Where can I find the evolution mailing list?

    Visit it to subscribe or view the archives of the main Evolution mailing lists. If you plan on working anywhere in Evolution, send an email first to avoid duplication of effort (and make sure you don’t base your work on interfaces that change in the market). There is also the #evolution IRC channel.

    Evolution Data Server (EDS) is a collection of libraries, not to mention service sessions, for storing address literature and calendars. [13] Other software such as California [14] and the GNOME Calendar [15] [16] , also depend on your as-eds.

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    You can find information about the respective software architecture in the new GNOME wiki. [17]

    Connect To Microsoft Exchange Server

    evolution mail win32

    Depending on the version of Microsoft Exchange Server you are using, you need to install different packages to connect to it. The docs recommend the evolution-ews package (which typically creates Exchange Web Services) for Exchange Server 2010 2007 and later. If evolution-ews doesn’t work well, it is really recommended to try the surprise evolution-mapi. E It can support older versions of Exchange Server 2010 and 2007 that support MAPI. For Exchange Server 2003, 2000, not to mention the earlier versions that support the evaluation web application, the Evolution Exchange Package is the recommended one. [18]


    Ximian decided to migrate to AD 3000. There were no working Linux mail clients to provide the interoperability that corporate users needed. Ximian saw an opportunity for Linux to penetrate the corporate environment if the right enterprise software was available. It released Evolution 1.0 in December 2001 and offered the Ximian Connector plug-in that allowed customers to connect to Microsoft Exchange Server. Evolution itself was a free PC from the start, but Ximian Connector was marketed as proprietary software for Ximian in order to generate income. [19] This changed after Novell acquired Ximian in August 2003. In May 2004, Novell was selected to integrate Exchange plug-ins as interoperable software in Evolution 2.0. [20]

    evolution mail win32

    Novell, in turn, was acquired by the Attachmate In group in 2011. It has transferred former Novell Evolution developers to market to its subsidiary SUSE. In 2012, suse decided to end funding associated with the development of Evolution and sent its designers elsewhere. As a result, only one full-time developer remained at Red Hat. [10] Later, in 2013, Red Hat brought in more developers to design, thereby spurring development. The main reasons for this decision were the termination of active development of Mozilla Thunderbird and the need for an email client with good support for Microsoft Exchange. [21]


    As part of GNOME, Evolution is released as source code. Linux distributions provide GNOME packages to end users. Evolution is similar to any of our standard personal information managers on various Linux distributions, which generally use GNOME by default, especially Debian and Fedora. Ubuntu replaced Evolution with Mozilla Thunderbird as the default email starting with Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot client. [22]

    Bad Ports On Mac X And Windows

    In the past Evolution was undoubtedly ported to Apple Mac X os and Microsoft Windows, but these ports are no longer being developed.

    In 2006, Novell released a powerful installer for Evolution 2.6 on Mac OS X. [23] In January 2005, Novell announced Nat Friedman on their blog at [24] Tor Lillqvist, the programmer who brought GIMP to Microsoft Windows for you, ordered the same evolution. Prior to this announcement, there were several projects launched with similar goals, but none of them will reach alpha status. In 2008, DIP Consultants released a dedicated Windows installer for Evolution 2.28.1-1 for newer versions and Microsoft Windows XP. [25] At this time, it can only be downloaded from the project’s SourceForge page. [26]

    Much more recent experience (2010/2011) for the Evolution 3.0.2 installer is provided by openSUSE. [27] [28] Users could not get this version to work. [29]

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