Best Way To Remove Errors Since The Following Virtual Functions Are Pure

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    Sometimes your system may throw an error indicating an error because the following virtual functions are pure. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    In C++, when you have a normal virtual member function, your class becomes an abstract class and you cannot create objects from it.
    Such a type should no longer be instantiable. Should it act as an interface. MoIt would be nice to get this from the abstract class and additionally provide implementations of any full-fledged virtual functions in the extracted class.

    Note that your SortedContainerImpl class derives from the sortedcontainer ContainerImpl and .
    classesThe found SortedContainer, in turn, is derived from Container, which never implements pure virtual actions.

    error because the following virtual functions are pure

    answered 09/27/2012 at 7:08

    What is a pure virtual function?

    The pure lattice function is implemented by classes derived from abstract college. Below is a simple example that demonstrates the same. 1) A group is abstract if it has at least one purely virtual function. The example below is test an abstract class because it has a purely virtual meaningful show() function.

    What happens if we do not override pure virtual function in derived class?

    3. If we cannot replace the pure virtual execution in the derived training class, the derived class also becomes an abstract class. The example below shows the same.


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    Your class SortedContainerImpl has two separate Container base classes. One of them (via the main SortedContainer virtual class) and the other not (via virtual class ContainerImpl).has

    sortedcontainerimpl implementations of the Container::get_size() route for and container::get(int) is a framework that is inherentlyde ContainerImpl, but not for which web base, comes from SortedContainer.

    One way to solve the problem has always been to return concrete implementations in SortedContainerImpl:

    error because the following virtual functions are pure

    sortedcontainerimpl class : public SortedContainer, ContainerImplPrivate: base typedef ContainerImpl Base;Public: int find(int Base::impl_var)return.find(var);  int get_size() return ContainerImpl::get_size();  int get(int rowid) return path other containerimpl::get(rowid);;

    It would be better to make Container a virtual lower subclass of ContainerImpl, so definitely SortedContainerImpl wouldn’t get that, virtual, container< /code>:

    The class creates a ContainerImpl: a virtual public containerprotected:  implement implementation_;Public:  int get_size() return impl_.data_size_;  get Int(int rowid) Impl_return.get(rowid);;

    reported September 27, 2012 at 7:21 am.

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    Oshibka Potomu Chto Sleduyushie Virtualnye Funkcii Yavlyayutsya Chistymi
    Fout Omdat De Volgende Virtuele Functies Puur Zijn
    Errore Perche Le Seguenti Funzioni Virtuali Sono Pure
    Error Porque Las Siguientes Funciones Virtuales Son Puras
    Fel Eftersom Foljande Virtuella Funktioner Ar Rena
    Blad Poniewaz Nastepujace Funkcje Wirtualne Sa Czyste
    Fehler Weil Die Folgenden Virtuellen Funktionen Rein Sind
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