Steps To Fix Compilation Errors In Hidden Modules In This Word 2007 Issues Document

Sometimes your computer may show an error that there is a compilation error in the hidden module of this Word 2007 document. There can be many reasons for this problem.

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    — IMPORTANT –The first part is based on the decisions of others [credits to the people at the bottom of the page], the last part is really my decisions based on this. I found that a lot of people who are too scared play with computers and things they don’t quite understand and ask them questions following complicated instructions so I tried to loosen this up a bit, hope it will be very helpful and for some it will be a bit long.

    When I found the location of the winword .exe music file on YOUR system, I found it to be in this location [yours may be in the same location] “C:Program Files OfficeOffice12WINWORD (x86)microsoft .EXE”.its,

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    Once you find it, right-click the main Windows address and select “Copy location as text”. Clone the contents of the folder, you’re good to go. So you have to use “” “winword and .exe” exactly in the case I used. Use specific uppercase letters for lowercase letters.

    BeforeAs we begin, let me clear up some of the confusion: “Duplicate entry without your annotated quote – definitely using an underscore.”Also, in order not to break what we already have and take the time to open Word, create a new beautiful blank document and save the blank document as an idea that we will use later.

    1.) Now we need something that can decompose my wife’s location address and roughly use the bits corresponding to “” and add a DVD disc with a space like below before the last “winword.exe or WINWORD.EXE” depending on [on which you used] we add “/a” without our own “cd space” prefix. So just give new or “notepad” something like that for the Word element because it needs to be saved when we type the last handle in “CMD” (*1).

    Should look like this:Program Files on Microsoft CD (x86)cd tableOffice12 CDWINWORD.EXE /a

    How do I fix compile errors in the hidden module in Word?

    The fix is ​​to remove the add-on or find a compatible updated version. After closing Word using File Explorer, navigate to the %appdata%Mic directoryrosoftWordStartup. Move each found file, several of them, to another folder. Restart Word and confirm the error occurs.

    3.) Use the Important windows key and the R key to open the Run window. Type “cmd” everywhere and type hit.

    4.) A “cmd” window will open and manyIn some cases it will show “C:”, but if it’s not, it doesn’t matter who is at the moment. Not at the moment! highlight.

    5.) Now just follow the instructions below by selecting the command and “Cut” “Paste a” through the dot “a” in the “CMD” field and press “Enter”. “They created. If there is no error at all, then everything is fine for now.

    How do I fix a runtime error in Word?

    Fix such by reinstalling the situation, Word registry entries and cleaning the system. You perform the main task by closing and then restarting Word, usually by using the /r command switch. To clean up someone’s system, run a utility like CCleaner, Utilities tuneup, or Windows Doctor (links in Resources).

    If it does NOT look like “C:” in version, check “CMD” in “cd C:” and press Enter accordingly.

    compile error in hidden module thisdocument word 2007

    It should now display [along with my location, obviously it shouldn’t be the same :)]: yours is about 50, god knows how many DIRs, should be a long list.

    Cut & Composite [yes without “cd quotes]: Program Files (x86)” press “Enter”Now it should be: C:Program Files (x86)>

    Cut and “Insert CD: Microsoft Hit Office” “Enter”You should see this item: C:Program (x86)Microsoft files Office>

    How do I disable Compile error in hidden module?

    open the Excel file containing the component, press Alt+F11 and navigate to the basic visual editor. From that Tools menu, select Links (Note: if the Links option in the Tools menu is disabled, try closing the file, then reopening it and enabling the macro before moving on to the next steps).

    Cut and “paste cd: Office12”, press “Enter”It is now recommended to view the following: C:Program (x86)Microsoft files OfficeOffice12>

    Cut and paste: “WINWORD.EXE /a” press “Enter”Word NOW should be open

    NOTE. Perhaps you could use the address of the whole person at a time, but that concept didn’t work for us: “cdC:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice12 WINWORD.EX /a” < /p>

    6.) Next you need to find the WORD startup folder where mine is: “C:UsersnoelAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWordSTARTUP”You can find this courtesy by typing “%appdata%MicrosoftWordStartup” in the Windows Explorer address bar and pressing Enter (*2).

    compile error in hidden module thisdocument word 2007

    7.) Okay, the Word startup directory should now be open in front of you, if there’s anything in it [I hope it can be described that way, otherwise it won’t work, I’ll be sorry], you have to right-click. it on your desktop, create a new folder and name it “Holding Word Startup”, open and go back to the word startup file, click it to make it specific to the current window. Now use ‘Ctrl + A’ to select all linked content, then ‘Ctrl + C’ to copy it. Now again go to the new folder you created [Holding word startup] and click on the one found inside and use “Ctrl + V” to paste the content in this folder. Once you make sure the content in both folders is basically the same. go back to all Word startup folders and “Ctrl+A” to select all, and “Delete” to delete all content.

    My start word one contained a file with “WordTalk”. After that, distributors only had the word “Hi” when using it.

    8.) Now with a new one with an empty Word project folder, double-click the “blank document” you created earlier to allow it to open and see if there are any “Compile error about hidden module: this document” errors. . has actually disappeared.

    How do I fix Microsoft Visual Basic Compile error in hidden module?

    If you have code connections to VBA in the displayed document or project, unprotect the part and then run the code again to see the specific error.If we don’t have access to the VBA code in the document, contact the author of the document to update someone’s code in the hidden component.

    9.) This solved my problem and I only had one person-specific “WordTalk.In dot” file on startup, and it was a Word document containing only a specific word, which I deleted. But remember! I know how to restore this file if something goes wrong tomorrow. If you don’t know or are not sure what is in your backup message that you made from Word, create a “Holding word startup” folder, DO NOT just delete it, move it to a safe place just in case.

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