Steps To Fix Nuke Web Access Denied Mail Module

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    Over the past few weeks, some of our users have reported being denied access to the Nuke webmail module.

    I’m not sure if this is a Resolve forum. I have a submit-nuke site and added a web calendar as a module. Works fine, except the whole calendar definitely doesn’t send email notifications.

    I have reviewed the admin settings to see if this is indeed the case, and the instructions are:
    Tomorrow WebCalendar emails from will not arrive. Send

    access denied mail module nuke web

    webcalendar two types of messages Notifications* A: Reminders*. If you are not online to receive mail, please check the following:

    1. Have you set a valid this SMTP server in the PHP configuration file php.ini. (The parameter is almost certainly a section in “smtp” “mail_function”.)

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    2. In the WebCalendar system settings, you have set “Email is usually enabled” to “Yes”.

    3.Make sure the system web calendar settings have “default return address” of things for.
    Note. Some email systems will ignore emails whose “from” character is different from the original SMTP server’s website name. So ifand your smtp is and your sender “default address” is simply [email protected] becomes email. Some systems may return return mail.

    4. Make sure Notification Enabled is set to Yes in most user settings.

    access denied mail module nuke web

    5. Reminder:

    o Make sure “Event Reminders” is set to “Yes” in User Preferences.

    o Be sure to use a cron job for the frequent run script send_reminders.php.

    I have php -i A run | grepPhp .ini to find php.ini with ]
    function section in mail service functions.;SMTP

    ;sendmail_from Acces Refuse Mail Module Nuke Web
    Accesso Negato Modulo Di Posta Nuke Web
    Odmowa Dostepu Do Modulu Poczty Nuke Web
    Toegang Geweigerd Mail Module Nuke Web
    Dostup Zapreshen K Pochtovomu Modulyu Nuke Web
    Acesso Negado Modulo De Correio Nuke Web
    Atkomst Nekad E Postmodul Nuke Web
    Acceso Denegado Modulo De Correo Nuke Web
    액세스 거부 메일 모듈 Nuke Web
    Zugang Verweigert Mailmodul Nuke Web